Crimes Against Children Speech

Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends. Good Morning. I am Mukesh of Class XI.
Today I would like to share my views with you on crimes against children. It is a
horrifying reality with which we have to contend.
Some recent tragic events have opened our eyes to the magnitude of crimes against
children. Mostly, children are kidnapped for ransom if they are from rich families, or for
begging and stealing if they are from ordinary families. Cases of child abuse are
growing in alarming proportions.
The most disgusting and horrifying of these cases was the one discovered at Noida,
where the owner- servant team carried out dastardly crimes against children behind
closed doors. Investigations are unveiling horrible acts.
In such a scenario, it is imperative that parents take good care of their children. Children
should be trained not strangers.
The security of a neighbourhood depends on the alertness of the citizens. We have a
tremendous responsibility towards our youngsters.
I hope my words will make you think about the matter.
Thank you

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