Side Effects of Junk Food Speech

Side Effects of Junk Food
Respected Principal, Vice Principal, teachers, and dear friends. Good morning.
I am grateful to the Principal, Dr N. Ravi, for giving me this opportunity to speak on a
matter that is close to the heart of all teenagers.
As I stand here, I can see about eight to ten overweight students in each class line.
Surely, they are embarrassed and have become the butt of jokes. To look fit and trim is
vital for a good personality.
Friends, I want you to look at your daily routine and see what you are doing to get this
bulky figure. Are you excessively fond of cold drinks, pizzas and hamburgers? Do you
love to sit before TV and munch wafers and packaged chips of all brands ? Is your
favorite snack during the long break everyday a spicy oily ‘samosa’ or ‘bread pakora’?
Later in the evening do you just sit indoors and work on your computer, complete your
homework or watch TV ?
If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes’, you know why you have this ungainly figure. In
order to be slim and athletic, you need to eat right, exercise briskly in fresh air and live a
disciplined life. The food that your mother prepares is what you should consume rather
than junk food.
Thank you

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