speech writing class 11 pdf

Speech Writing
Though speech is essentially an essay, it is significantly different. Whereas an essay or
an article is read by people at a distance in time and place, a speech is delivered ‘live’ to
an audience. This fact determines, to a great extent, the language and style of the
A speech consists of the words spoken by a person to a gathering. The speaker could
be a leader, a learned man, a man in a position of power and authority or an ordinary
person, a student. The ‘address’, the language and style are determined by the occasion
and the audience.
♦ Format:
(a) Address the gathering, e.g., Respected Principal, teachers, students, Good Morning.
(b) Speech in three or four paragraphs.
(c) A speech ends with Thank you. The speaker thanks the listeners for their patient
hearing. Content:
♦ Content:
According to the occasion, you may include quotations. Organise the speech into
introduction, main points and conclusion.
Language and style should be a mingling of the serious and conversational modes.

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