Its Time for Online Learning

Now all corners of Odisha can study @BRAINS in Odia and easy learning with practical lab instruments .

Batch Details :

01. Complete NEET Syllabus will be covered.
02. We will cover Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.
03. 6 Days scheduled classes will be held.
04. Classes will be “Live”, per day 2 classes will be held.
05. PDF Notes of each Class will be uploaded on OOE App
06. Daily Practice Problems with their Video Solution in Quiz format.
07. Dedicated faculties for solving doubts through best-in-class doubt engine.
08. Peer to Peer doubt solving will be provided.
09. Scheduled tests will be held according to the planner.
10. The complete course will be accessible to all the students until the NEET 2024 Exams.
11. Classes starting from 23rd July 2023.
12. Syllabus will end by 15th March 2024.

Students can Directly chat and discuss with Teachers in group

Other Price Plan

3 Months 1/4th Topic

6 Months 1/2nd Topics