Banking and Insurance syllabus download

Revised Syllabus For the Session 2022


+2 1st Year Commerce   4th ELECTIVE (Paper -I)


Unit-I: Commercial Banking : Meaning and Functions of Commercial Banks, Types of Commercial Banks, Credit Creation, Portfolio Management and Nationalization of Commercial Banks, Role of Commercial Banks in a Developing Economy.

Unit-II: Central Banking : Central Bank – Functions, Methods of Credit Control, Quantitative Control, Bank Rate, Open Market Operations, Cash Reserve ratio and Selective control. Innovative Banking – Merchant banking, Consortium Approach, Credit Card Facilities, OnLine Banking, Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, ATM cum Debit Card, E-Banking and Social Responsibilities of Banks.

Unit-III: Introduction to Insurance:

Risk – Its classification and how to deal with it,

Insurance- Meaning, Definition and Mechanism of Insurance, Functions of Insurance, Basic Concepts, Double Insurance, Re-insurance, Coinsurance, Insurance Market, Insurance Contract, Contingent Contract, Wagering Contract, Fundamental Principles of Insurance Contract, Insurance Act and Role of IRDA.

Unit-IV Deleted



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